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Paper Abstract

My Work

I am a design researcher and practitioner with over 15 years human-centred research and design experience working with cross-functional teams. My work has focused on user experience, sustainability, innovation management, and exploratory design approaches. A snapshot of select work is provided below.

Select Recent Research Initiatives

  • Generative research (1:1 interviews) with insurance advisors to learn about experiences with the digital software required for creating and submitting insurance applications. Purpose: inform the design of updated software UX and UI

  • Generative research (1:1 interviews) with insurance advisors to learn about the holistic advisor experience, user needs, preferences, and pain points. Purpose: increase sales by developing a deeper understanding of advisor needs and identifying opportunities to enhance support for their business.

  • Moderated usability test on two new digital experiences with specialized audiences: a digital tracker for advisors to monitor status of insurance transactions, and a new portal for travel insurance brokers. Purpose: evaluate the design of the digital experiences with the target audience so it can be enhanced before launch, if needed.

  • Unmoderated concept testing for a new affinity partner program. Purpose: evaluate user perception of the new idea before pursuing further research and design. 

  • Unmoderated usability testing on new flow for group benefits submission. Purpose: identify pain points in the design to ensure ease of use by policyholders when submitting health and dental claims.

Select Projects in Detail

Customer Secure Site: Personal Insurance

This project examined customer needs, behaviours, goals, and experiences to identify design directives for a new digital capability for personal insurance policy access and management.

Fuchsia nightgown closeup.png

Post-Mastectomy Sleepwear

This interdisciplinary project connected healthcare researchers and fashion academics to develop sleepwear that met the needs of breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomy.

Neighbourhood Police Uniform Redesign

This project applied UX and human-centred principles to assess the needs of a local police bicycle unit, developed and tested garment samples, and successfully proposed design solutions for a revised uniform kit.

Shirt deficiencies.png
Co-Designing 4.JPG

Plus-Size Apparel Wants & Needs

This qualitative, multi-disciplinary study used a novel, immersive method to explore the apparel wants and needs of Canadian women who wear size 20+.

3D Knitting Ecosystem - Stakeholder Experience Assessment

This qualitative study looked at the user experience of stakeholders (designers, programmers, and manufacturers) in the 3D knitting ecosystem.

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 2.15.51 AM.png

Vibrotactile Garment for Infants with Autism

This practice-based, qualitative, multi-disciplinary study focused on the design and development of a garment that mediated communication between infants with autism and their caregivers.

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