Research Publications & Presentations


Schaefer, K. & Navarro, H. (2016). Sustainable bridal & beyond - Using design to extend garment life and eliminate waste. In D. Eluwawalage (Ed.), Fashion, Tyranny and Revelation. (pp. 271-282). Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press.




Peer Reviewed Proceedings


Schaefer, K., Kozlowski, A., & Haines, S. (2018 - accepted for presentation). Think-Pair-Share: An Active Learning Strategy for Apparel Pattern Drafting. In ITAA 2018 Proceedings: Re-Imagine the Renewable. Cleveland, OH: ITAA.


Tullio-Pow, S., Schaefer, K.,  Dell’Agnese, L., Chau, P.Y., White, T., Dares, J., Lee, D. and Kim, N., (2018 - accepted for presentation). Neighbourhood Police Officers: An Assessment of Needs for Uniform Renewal. In ITAA 2018 Proceedings: Re-Imagine the Renewable. Cleveland, OH: ITAA.

Schaefer, K., Tullio-Pow, S., Abel, S., Story, C., & Barry, B. (In press). The right fit: A clothing needs assessment of women with plus-size bodies (20+). In ITAA 2017 Proceedings: Anchored By Our Past, Navigating Our Future. St. Petersburg, FL: ITAA. Winner: Alvanon Research Award.


Story, C., Abel, S., Barry, B., Schaefer, K., & Tullio-Pow, S. (2017). Disarticulating 'fatness': Design activism and the counter-hegemonic practices of co-designing clothing plus-size women. Nordes 2017: Design+Power, 7. ISSN 1604-9705.


Schaefer, K., Abel, S., Story, C., Tullio-Pow, S., & Barry, B. (2016). Unlocking embodied knowledge for better design: An introduction to co-generative mapping. In ITAA 2016 Proceedings: Blending Cultures (no pp. avail.). Vancouver, BC: ITAA. 


Schaefer, K. & Navarro, H. (2013). Sustainable bridal & beyond – Using design to extend garment life & eliminate waste. In ITAA 2013 Proceedings: Regeneration: Building a Forward Vision (pp. 56-57). New Orleans, LA: ITAA. 


Schaefer, K. & Navarro, H. (2012). The sustainable bride – An exploration in conceptual bridal design. In ITAA 2012 Proceedings: No One is an Island (pp. 58-59). Honolulu, HI: ITAA.


Schaefer, K., & Tullio-Pow, S. (2012). Universal sleepwear design applications for women with lymphedema. In ITAA 2012 Proceedings: No One is an Island (pp. 52-53). Honolulu, HI. November 14-17, 2012.


Tullio-Pow, S., Schaefer, K., & Nyhof-Young, J. (2011). Towards Functional and Inclusive Sleepwear Designs for Breast Cancer Survivors: A Comparison of Two Fabrics. In ITAA 2011 Proceedings: Celebrating Inclusivity & Innovation (pp. 14-15). Philadelphia, PA: ITAA.


Dell’Agnese, L., Tullio-Pow, S., Schaefer, K., Andrews, A.J., Ibrahim, W., Stein, R., Russo, F., & Boudreau, J.P. Wearable technology:  Prototype development of a garment to mediate communication between caregivers and infants with autism spectrum disorder. In ITAA 2011 Proceedings: Celebrating Inclusivity & Innovation (pp. 14-15). Philadelphia, PA: ITAA. Winner: Lectra Award for Faculty Research.


Tullio-Pow S., Schaefer, K., Zhu, R., Kolenchenko, O., Nyhof-Young, J. (2011). Sweet dreams: Needs assessment and prototype design of post-mastectomy sleepwear.  In INCLUDE 2011: The Role of Inclusive Design in Making Social Innovation Happen.  Helen Hamlyn Centre, Royal College of Art, London. Include.





Refereed-Abstract Presentations



Story, C., Schaefer, K., Abel, S., & Tullio-Pow, S. (2016, March). Co-generative mapping: A methodology for engaging community in collaborative design. Paper presented at ENGAGE 2016: (Re)thinking Social Transformation – In the Community, With the Community. University of Guelph Department of Sociology and Anthropology 16th Annual Graduate Student Conference, Guelph, ON, Canada. Winner: ENGAGE Department of Sociology and Anthropology Best Community Engaged Research Award.


Schaefer, K. & Navarro, H. (2016, March). Holistic zero waste: A return to environmentally considered zero-waste design. Paper presented at Intersections: Re-Turns. York University & Ryerson University Communication & Culture Graduate Student Conference, Toronto, ON, Canada.


Schaefer, K. & Navarro, H. (2016, February). Holistic zero waste: Beyond pattern cutting. Paper presented at The Second International Conference for Creative Pattern Cutting, Huddersfield, UK.


Tullio-Pow S. Schaefer K, & Nyhof-Young, J. (2011, May). Functional and Inclusive:  A Field Test of Post Mastectomy Sleepwear.  Paper presented at Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) Discovery, Toronto, ON, Canada.


Nyhof-Young, J., Kolenchenko, O., Zhu, R., Schaefer, K., Tullio-Pow, S. (2011, May). Assessing the sleepwear and lingerie needs of post-mastectomy breast cancer survivors at Princess Margaret Hospital: A clothing design project.  Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology, Toronto ON, Canada.




Juried Art/Design Exhibits



Schaefer, K. (2015). Inside/outside – Outside/inside. Digital art exhibited at The Body Electric, Digital Art Display at the International Conference on Residency Education (ICRE): Residency Rediscovered – Transforming Training for Modern Care. Vancouver, BC. October 22-24, 2015.


Tullio-Pow S, Schaefer K, Nyhof-Young, J. Inclusive post-mastectomy sleepwear:  Toward sweet dreams for all . In ITAA 2011 Proceedings: Celebrating Inclusivity & Innovation (pp. 79-80). Philadelphia, PA: ITAA. Winner: ITAA Creative Design Target Market Award.


Schaefer, K. (2011). Unveiled – Modular, Sustainable Bridal Design. Dress design presentation at the International Textile and Apparel Association Conference, Celebrating Inclusivity & Innovation, Philadelphia, PA. November 2-6, 2011.

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